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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Get Free Skype Credit of 1.02 EURO & call for 1 hours

Get Free Skype Credit of 1.02 EURO, it can be use to international call upto 1 hours, this tricks is very easy , Hotspot shield banner provide you the voucher for skpye credit and you can redeem it well, Let's do it...

Step 1 : Download Hotspot Shield from here & install it.

Step 2 : Lunch hotspot shield from your desktop icon, your browsers automatically open and get connect to hotspot shield.

Step 3 : Now open this link in your web browser & click on "GET A FREE VOUCHER NOW" as shown in my snapshot

Step 4 : Copy the Voucher code as below in snapshot in red circle

Step 5 : Now go to this link & login into your account & paste the voucher code then click on "Reedem voucher or prepaid card" as shown in snapshot

Step 5 : This snapshot will gonna put a big smile on your face :) enjoy the credit...

Check out My Account screen shot.... 

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